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Smarter Travel Spending

Enabling your travelers to make smart travel choices is key to controlling travel costs. Concur Cliqbook Travel employs the most advanced fare search capabilities to deliver the lowest cost possible choices for your travelers.

Concur provides your organization with access to multiple GDSs, exclusive direct connects, corporate discounted and Internet-only fares and delivers it all in a consumer-centric single view. By delivering the lowest fares and travel choices based on your corporate policy and your business travelers’ personal preferences, Concur eliminates the guess work and drives on-line tool adoption

TripIt - mobile travel organizer

Departure Travel Management

Concur -Expense Management

According to Aberdeen, on average companies spend 8-10% of operating costs on travel and entertainment, and 20% of that is out of policy. Departure Travel and Concur can also help you explore Concur’s innovative solution for identifying and reducing this out of policy spend, while reducing the cost of processing employee reimbursements

Quality Control

Departure Travel Management

The iQCX Ticketing ® solution is a web-based application that automates all aspects of the ticketing process from basic ticketing to complex split tickets and exchanges.

The iQCX Ticketing solution improves DTM's competitive edge by:

•Reducing your costs and improving your ticketing accuracy 
•Helping to get you on their way by offering truly touchless reservation processing

postTrip unused ticket tracking

Unused tickets can cost your business money. DTM can automate the management of your companies unused tickets and deliver the results in easy to read reports. All this seamlessly integrates with each travelers profile. It's like finding money you never knew you had in an old pair of pants.


Sabre Security

Traveler Security

Use Sabre Traveler Security for your traveler risk management services

Product overview

  • Quickly locate travelers worldwide
  • Intuitive, interactive web based application with search criteria
  • Up-to-date traveler reservation data within 1 hour of reservation create or update
  • Integrated current world events and destination risk information


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Corporate Approach

Our Corporate approach is unlike any other travel management company. We build our corporate business structure on integrity, commitment to customer service and reputation, offering you all the tools available you might expect from global agencies, yet focusing on our corporate customer with a hands on account management program.

Business travel can be a balancing act

Management Reports

DTM offers customizable management reports to fit your business needs through iBank® reporting. With our iBank® reporting product, DTM can run more than 120 standard reports and create an unlimited number of custom reports that provide you and your customers with up-to-the-minute travel spending details.

Sample IBank Reports

Executive Summary with Graphs

Intended Purpose: Manage overall travel spend
Description: Most popular report, gives summary information for air, car, and hotel information with top five city info and graphs of vendor usage

Executive Summary » Monthly Data - Executive Summary » Yearly Data


Top/Bottom Travelers – Air

Intended Purpose: Track frequent travelers based on air volume
Description: Summary of air volume by traveler, can be used to see who the top travelers of an account are for policy management and other purposes

All Travelers » Monthly Data - All Travelers » Yearly Data


Exceptions – Air

Intended Purpose: Identify traveler’s booking air travel out of policy
Description: Identify the reason traveler did not accept the lowest fare offered and provide detail for all instances in a specified date ran

Exceptions » Monthly Data - Exceptions » Yearly Data


Transaction Analysis by Credit Card

Intended Purpose: Tracking unused tickets
Description: While not an IBank Report, this is one of our most popular reports. This report lists the unused non-refundable tickets that are available for your travelers. Data included in this report are: Passenger Name, Ticket Number, Airline, Amount, Reissue Date, and Travel Deadline.

Credit Card Analysis » Monthly Data - Credit Card Analysis » Yearly Data



How to better manage business spending?


Departure Travel Management

Control unauthorized spending

  • Access spending data online, 24/7 to monitor employee spending
  • Build in controls to safeguard your company with flexible spending limit and liability options
Departure Travel Management

Save money and improve productivity

  • Write fewer checks, improve cash flow by extending float, and integrate data into financial systems
  • Review spending data to uncover savings opportunities
  • Receive cash rebates on qualifying business spending with leading national suppliers
Departure Travel Management

Reward employees for business purchases

  • Enroll employees in the award-winning Membership Rewards program
  • Earn points for business spending, redeemable for valuable rewards







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