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Adapt or Convert? We get asked this allot

We have countless clients staring blankly at the array of electrical convertors and adapters we have on display, a shameless plug…no pun intended. Today, electrical adapter convertor kits seem like a rubik’s cube where a twist or a turn presents you a new plug. So which is it, convertor or adapter?  But before I continue, when it comes to your expensive appliance or laptop, please check with the manufacturer. As I was saying, which is it? Essentially we can break down the types as such:

Adapters - allow you to plug things into different style of outlets, so for example, they will allow you to plug a standard USA two or three ping plug in into a UK 220/240V outlet. The adapter does nothing to the power, so it will let you plug a 110V appliance into a 220/240V outlet and blow it up (if it doesn’t already have an internal convertor, see below). As the name sounds, it adapts the two.

A converter changes the power from 220V to 110V. If you use a converter, you will also need an adapter to plug the converter into the outlet. So think of this like the adapter and converter to plug your laptop into the 12V outlet in your car. This adapts the outlet and converts the power.

Most computers and smart have the ability to convert voltage. Speaking from experience, I travel often to the UK, and I am able to plug my iPhone directly to the outlet with an adapter without any problems. However, on my last visit I broke down and purchased a UK iPhone plug from the Apple store. Another tip for charging your smart phone is to make use of the newer flat screen TV’s, often times they have USB ports on the side or back allowing you to charge your phone. Also, if you fly on an airbus 380, look under your seat, between yours and your neighbors seat may also be USB plugs for your smart phone or tablet.

As I mentioned, please check with your product manufacturer if you have any questions regarding voltage.  





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